Iracema Reis (30 Aug 2011)
"To Jo Peckinpaugh RE: Paul Wilson (26 Aug 2011) "Re: For Doves a BIG earthquake is coming!""

He was just worried about his uncle getting caught in an Earthquake. He is an SDA and Paul doesn't know what his beliefs are.
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To:Paul Wilson (26 Aug 2011)
"Re: For Doves a BIG earthquake is coming!"

I clicked on what Valerie linked to above your post and the golden gate is San Fran which I imagine like most big cities has sky scrapers. If it is there I pray that Culver City in LA area is not too damaged my uncle lives there and is basically a quadriplegic so really couldn’t get away. he is a SDA so I don't know what he believes regarding the Lord. There are also several cities near the New Madrid with sky scrapers, St. Louis is one where much of my mom’s family lives, I keep having the feeling the one that will hit it will be a 10+ on the Richter scale.