Iracema Reis (25 Aug 2011)
"To Linda Arn  "RE: Heavenly mansions""

My mother and I wish for the same thing  you do, for the same reason, and I really think Jesus will fulfill His children's heart's desires!
I noticed that most of those eagerly watching for the Rapture, if not all of us, really want to be in closer contact with Nature and animals (pets and wild) when we go to NJ. And that's what the Lord intended in the first place, when he created the Garden of Eden. He created what he loved... And gave it to Man!
It's like going back to our  "roots" because, deep down inside of us, hidden under all the weight of a sinful nature, our Godly spark survives and still shines through. We all lived in the world, got disillusioned and finally rejected it (or strive to!)... We learned, through pain and sorrow, that the ways of the world only lead us to emptiness because all it can give us is material, ephemeral and, in the long run, meaningless. So we go back to basics, like the prodigal son - which means God, Nature as He intended it to be and brotherly love...
Can you imagine living in a world free of hate, pride, lies, jealousy, envy, slandering, predators of all kinds (human and animal!) and so forth?!!!
Can you imagine touching and playing around with animals you could only admire from afar, on top of having all your beloved pets back young and healthy?!!!
Can you imagine looking in the eyes of your neighbor and knowing that smile on their face is genuine and sincere, that when they say "I love you" they really mean it? And, best of all, having Jesus, our Redeemer and Son of God, walking among us and beside us as a brother and best friend?
This is really going to HEAVEN!!!
I truly wish we are right!
God bless us all!...