Grace (4 Aug 2011)
"SEP 2011: end of my 1st trimester coincidence ~ pastor david owuor revival meeting in KISII KENYA"

Hello Doves:

I find this interesting, if not exciting.

Just the other day, I went to to calculate my days of pregnancy. I only needed to key in the 1st day of my last menstrual cycle, and it would do an automatic calculation for me. The resulted link is at

Original Screen Capture:

As of now, if you visit the website of Pastor David Owuor at ... you will notice one of his scheduled global revivals to be on 16~18 September 2011 in Kisii, Kenya. That happens to coincide with the end of my 1st trimester in pregnancy.

Remember Pastor David Owuor did mention in one of his prophetic videos that he saw the Rapture taking place, during one of his meetings? I am not too sure, but the above coincidence seems quite interesting to me.

And if you also remember, in my 1st pregnancy dream, I was impressed with the feeling that the Rapture would be around the 1st trimester of my 2nd pregnancy, where I felt that sensation in my spirit form hovering in vast space.

Then in my 2nd dream of the waiting plane, I saw myself still looking tired, pale and unwell, as though I were in my 1st trimester symptoms ------ or maybe about to enter my 2nd trimester at that time already?

I do not know if Pastor David Owuor may change the future dates of his global revival schedule again. But I just want to casually point out that the dates of his Kisii Kenya revival meeting coincide with the last days of my 1st trimester.

PS - There is no way that my 1st pregnancy dream was given by Satan. Because Satan will never have the ability to know or see into the future that I would eventually become pregnant with my 2nd child. Furthermore, my month of conception (July 2011) fell within this prophetic time frame of our high Rapture watch, as you know that September 2011 is the deadline for Israel peace plan. And I was given that dream several months before my 2nd pregnancy was discovered unexpectedly.

Keep Watching,