Grace (2 Aug 2011)
"dream of waiting to board a plane"

2 AUGUST 2011:

Dear Doves, I have another dream today.

Many wedded couples were sitting in pairs, around a carpeted waiting area. I saw myself leaning against my husband, still looking as pale and tired and unwell as in my 1st trimester of pregnancy now.

However, the sensation of my tummy in the dream felt more like approximately 2~3 months pregnant.

It seems we were all waiting to board an important plane to somewhere. The plane door was already wide open, but was still waiting for more passengers. It felt like the one and only one. And we must get onto that flight.

Those, who were there, arrived early. The plane was accepting some more people at the moment, as we waited. Waiting for late/last check-in, before boarding and departure.

As I gazed casually towards the sunlit ceiling-to-floor glass enclosure of the waiting area, I felt a sense of peace and relaxation in my heart.