Gordon Smith (30 Aug 2011)
"Re Mike Curtiss - BG Ellis Drilling to Hell a Hoax"

Dear Doves
No matter what one writes, we know that Hell is real. Why? Because God said so, and it is the place where the dammed soul goes for not accepting Jesus Christ as their Messiah.
That said have you considered the core of the earth, what is it? A ball of fire. Where does all the lava come from out of the volcano"s? Has to come from the core of the earth! Another thing it has been said by writers even writers of the last number of centuries that have visited or been near active volcanic areas, that they have heard screams coming up from the vents of these volcano's. Now I can't substantiate this myself, but I do know that hell is real. Why? Because the Bible tells me so. I have heard of testomonies of people who have been shown hell and even explained it in detail. Now there is one thing that I look for in all their testomonies and that is consistency, just as a judge would look for consistency in the statements of witnesses to a crime.
Gordon Smith
Mike Curtiss (29 Aug 2011)
"BG Ellis Drilling to Hell a Hoax"

Dear Doves & BG Ellis,
                 In your recent blogs, you quoted an old urban legend from Finland, the USSR and California, which
after being run on Trinity Broadcasting went viral. Simple research indicates its been a hoax from the begining.
                 I don't doubt the existence of satan, evil, or hell; but we look silly when we rush forward with proof of anything without first fact checking. This is why Evangelicals are labelled as hillbillies