GM (31 Aug 2011)
"Abominable sacrifice"

While pondering Daniel and our time regarding the 70th week I was led to consider ritual sacrifice.  For the discernment of all, thank you.

Abominable sacrifice


I am becoming convinced that any ritual sacrifice is now an abomination to God. 


The OT sacrifices were primarily a foreshadowing of Jesus’ sacrifice for our redemption.  This is complete.  Future godly intervention in Israel is likely to centrally include reference to Christ’s redeeming victory and authority.  Will the rapture occur without (partial)Jewish recognition of Yeshua?  Will the two witnesses testify for three and a half years without a mention of the Lion of Judah; or the King of Kings?  Just what will be the message of the 144,000; evangelize the earth without mention of Jesus?


If the message of Jesus’ redemption and victory is being spoken, why would God WANT animal sacrifices?  This would be a denial of Christ.  If God chooses to “punish” the Jews by re-instituting the law, then so be it.  I am being led away from that idea.


In the past, I have believed a type of law could be brought by the two witnesses.  I no longer see ritual sacrifices having spiritual value.  The price is eternally paid.  No “punishment” will exceed the stress of the Great Tribulation. 


Imagine Jesus and God in heaven watching an animal sacrifice after giving God’s only begotten son, his body and blood, in deep pain for the meaningless substitute.  Any future  animal sacrifice in Judaism is more likely to be a defiant act of a wayward priesthood; an abomination.


Holy Spirit be with you all,