Gerry Almond (4 Aug 2011)

Remember the 21 days delay experienced by Daniel, the prophet which is recorded in chapter 10 of his book?  It was occasioned by YHWH not “showing up” on time when the time was to end for the Babylonian captivity of his people, Israel.  Jeremiah the prophet had distinctly written in chapter 29 and verse 31 that the length of the captivity was to be 70 years.  Daniel was taken into the captivity on his 17th birthday and now, he was 87 years old, and it was his birthday!  Where are you YHWH was his plaint.  

Instead of getting angry, faithful Daniel, who knew that YHWH does not lie, gathered his friends and they all went to prayer and fasted.  After a FULL 21 days, he was given a vision in which he saw Michael, the archangel, and I believe, the pre-incarnate Christ.  In a brief summary, these two told him that from the first day of prayer, he was heard in heaven and they began to come to him to explain the release of the captives.  However, they were DELAYED these 21 days because of the fierce opposition of the satanic prince of Persia, an archangel of the devil.  During the vision visitation, Daniel experienced death, resurrection and change (rapture) as, I believe, an Old Testament type of what we are to experience when Jesus comes for His Bride.


That being said, I was looking at July 31/August 1 of this year as “true Pentecost”.  I felt that this time would be excellent as the time of the removal of the saints.  I am not certain that this is not still valid.  I’ll explain.

Using July 31/August 1 as the expected rapture time, if one adds 21 days to that the expanded date is August 20/21.  As you probably know August 9 is the Black Fast day, Tisha B’Av.  It is the blackest day in Jewish history, and the world history too, for that matter.  This is followed by Tu B’Av, the gloriously happy “valentine’s” day for them date.  This may begin a 7 day “call into the ark” for the Bride, which will extend to August 21.
There are three 7’s in 21 days.  From day 1-7; day 8-14; day 15-21.

Each of these counts falls on:

1.    Pentecost
2.    Black Fast, Tisha B’Av
3.    Tu B’Av

Beginning with the 22nd day of August and continuing to the rise of the A/C when he proclaims himself equal with God is 234 days.

So to recap, IF the start date was July 31/August 1, 2011, “true Pentecost” then 21 days later, divided by 7 representing the raven and doves sent out of the ark??, the days would hit Pentecost, Black Fast, and “Valentines Day” with only and exactly 7 days left.  This period would be the call into the ark for the Bride with August 21/22 being the day of departure.  If this is correct, only and exactly 234 days (Vincent Tan’s number) remain until the rise of the A/C.

May YHWH get all the Glory for the things He hath done.


Gerry Almond