Gerry Almond (29 Aug 2011)

Just a few more thoughts of someone waiting just as you are.

According to the creation calendar, the rapture of the church, if it is on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, will be August 30/31, 2011.  That is, if it is in the year 2011 as most believe. 

If, however, the traditional Jewish calendar governs, again, if it is on RHH, it will be September 28/29, 2011 which is Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana.

It could be other days as well.  For instance, because Jesus said that it would be ON A DAY YE THINK NOT.  We are thinking Rosh Hashana, are we not?  Why?  Because it is the 5th feast of the 7 that comprise the SACRED FEASTS OF ISRAEL.  Our thinking is that the first four are fulfilled, so next MUST be the 5th.  Maybe not though.  One thing is certain, however, and that is that September this year is full of

                                                  ANOTHER POSSIBILITY

Just suppose it is on the anniversary of Rosh Hashana of some year past?  Suppose the message of 1988 was a precursor of things to come?  I am thinking of Edgar Whisenant’s prediction in 1988.  On that Rosh Hashana, the Gregorian date was September 12/13, 1988.  Exactly 23 years later will be September 12/13, 2011.  This year, those days fall on Tuesday/Wednesday in order.  That means a 40 days destruction might follow?  If so, 40 days later is October 22/23, 2011.  But, what if the start date is copying the 7 days warning given Noah as our sign for today?  That means the end of the 40 days would be ahead to October 29/30, 2011, exactly 3 years after the start of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  That will leave 180 days until the rise of the antichrist on April 11/12, 2012.  That start date of September 20/21 is also a Tuesday/Wednesday and is the date on which the U. N. is to hear a request to create a Palestinian state in so-called “occupied” Israel.  Could this event be what causes God’s fury to come up into His face?  This may begin a 40 days destruction cycle by war and other means. 

Whatever, the times are certainly fraught with possibility.  And Elenin is on the fast track for approaching the sun and earth, followed, I think, by Nibiru next year.  It seems that Nibiru may now be seen on Google Sky map, according to a post by Neil Lipken.  I tried to check it out but couldn’t find the infrared button he spoke of in the post.  I probably need to upgrade Google Sky to a later version than 6.

No matter, for I believe it is there.   Jesus’ return for His Bride is very, very near.


Gerry Almond