Gerry Almond (29 Aug 2011)

TO: M. A. P.

Your question depends on the biblical definition of “the end time temple” in which the abomination that makes desolate makes his play.  There is some disagreement in theology circles as to the meaning of the verse in Daniel that describes the event.  

On Tisha B Av this year, that is August 9, 2011, construction began on the building of a new altar on the temple site.  The intention is to renew the system of sacrifices.  You can refer to the Temple Institute internet website for more details at  Further, the red heifer is now in possession of the temple authorities, which is needed for ceremonial cleansing and dedication of the new altar of sacrifice.  Not only these two things, but temple furniture and the high priest’s garb are all finished.  I guess that means that they have the ark as well.  In other words, the only thing missing now is the building.  

I have heard it said by more or less authoritative persons that the institute is in possession of the Mosaic tabernacle, which could be put up in a matter of days or weeks.  It is also believed that a pre-fabricated temple does now exist, just not nearly as elaborate as the ones built in the past, of course.  Further, I do not believe that a temple on a scale as perhaps you have in mind is necessary in order to fulfill the prophecy that the a/c will “sit in the temple of God proclaiming himself to be God”.

I’m sure others are more knowledgeable than I, but this is not a pre-requisite to the rapture of the true Church anyway.  There yet remains 225 days before the a/c reveals himself on April 11/12, 2012.  The rapture will occur sometime in these days, probably August 30/31, which is Rosh Hashana on the creation calendar as posted August 27 by B. G. Ellis on  or September 28/29, which is traditional Jewish Rosh Hashana this year as best guesses.   I am of the opinion that a very good candidate is September 22/23, the very end of summer and of course the autumnal equinox.  It is also the day that the fury of God may come up in His own face, because of the U. N. action against His chosen people.  Whatever the case, you can be sure that it is very, very near.

At this point, I would remind all that the greatest “coincidence” I have ever seen is being dismissed by many.  That is, the sign of Noah  (Matt 24:37).  Genesis 6:3 said that God had given man 120 years to live. That makes Noah’s count of 120 years x 360 days per year for a total of 43,200 days EXACTLY the same count as Israel’s count from the first glimmer of return on 8/31/1897 through 12/7/2015.  This EXACT count even includes the 75 additional days found in Daniel chapter 12, which identifies the very first day of the Kingdom Age as 12/8/2015.  NO LATER!  Such CANNOT be merely a coincidence.  Since it matches the tetrads of eclipses to the letter as found by Mark Biltz, it verifies that the first day of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy was 10/29/08.  NO EARLIER, AND NO LATER!!  The midpoint is therefore 4/11/12/2012 and the return of Christ at Armageddon is 9/23/2015, on the Feast of Atonement.


Gerry Almond

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