Gerry Almond (25 Aug 2011)

Dear Doves:

Just some thoughts while we wait.

The Edwardian Era ran from about 1890 to WW1 in 1914. It included the event known as “the sinking of the Titanic” in 1912.

The Edwardians were of the United Kingdom. These souls consisted of the high and wealthy, whose goal in life was to be favored by King Edward VII. He set the morals and standards of this high society wherein only the most wealthy could participate. Though others of lesser means tried, they found themselves living beyond their means by quite a lot. Sometimes called the “golden age”, it mostly consisted of arrogance beyond accurate description. It was an age of licentiousness among the wealthy and high-born. Parties and more of them were the order of the day. Businessmen made it their business to increase their business. And shipbuilders competed with one another for larger and more lavish vessels than the other could produce. Harlan and Wolff epitomized this attitude with the building of RMS TITANIC, a 40,000 ton displacement luxury liner the size of Noah’s ark.

This group consisted of mostly Englishmen, but some very wealthy Americans were also included. These Americans were the leisurely rich who traveled extensively in the world of that day. These very wealthy people controlled huge fortunes which they mostly inherited, but nevertheless managed with stern determination to always make more. They, both English and American cared little for the poor of their world, even looking upon most of the less fortunate population with disdain.

Their cruelty matches the society of our world today. The wealthy bankers and other businessmen of today seem bent on ever increasing wealth, with little care for the effect on humanity as a whole. Ponzi schemers add to the misery and corporate executives seem to have a bottomless pit of need where money is concerned. This sad state of affairs needs to be analyzed for the warning in the Bible, specifically James chapter 5, in which God warns the rich to watch out, for they will be weeping and howling at some point for their cruelty. And God is displeased with the ever increasing accumulation of wealth saying “You have heaped treasure together for the LAST DAYS.” (caps mine).

When the stench of the short lived Edwardian Era became too strong, it seems that God Almighty decided to step in. The British constructed a huge liner called RMS TITANIC. The very wealthy could not wait to get a stateroom on the gigantic ship of pure luxury, as it was befitting the mood of the age. Even though King Edward VII had died in 1910, the era had roared on. Some tickets were $50,000 for top drawer staterooms, a gigantic sum of money in 1912.

On April 10, 1912, TITANIC set sail from Southhampton, England to go to New York City. She stopped to berth more passengers on April 10, and then headed out to open sea on her maiden voyage April 11. After sailing for three days and nights, TITANIC struck an iceberg in deep water off the coast of Newfoundland, and sank in the morning hours of April 15. In all, 1,517 souls perished that night. Because the lifeboats were filled with women and children first, many wealthy of the Edwardian Era perished among the 1,517 dead.
Of the 706 survivors, many women instantly became multimillionaires. It is a fact that over the succeeding years, some of the wealth was used for charitable purposes such as libraries, hospitals, etc. because it seems that women like to do those sorts of things much more than did men. Society definitely benefited from the passage of the money to the women.

Compare the above, if you will, to our world today. Both the British and the Americans find themselves mired in intractable pain, economically speaking. Both are bankrupt by any accounting measure and both are seeking a way off the sinking Titanic called the world financial system. This system is sinking, having hit the iceberg of overspending worldwide. But America, the cub of Britain, has been the lynchpin of the world’s economies, with the world even tying its currency to the U. S. dollar. It is to this most powerful nation that God has sent a “ruler” who is a complete disaster to America. He is doing all in his power to pull down America into the waves of the economic ocean. And massive overspending is doing the work.

SO, HAVE ANY OF YOU NOTICED THAT THE MIDDLE POINT OF THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL’S PROPHECY, WHICH IS THE RISE OF ANTICHRIST ON APRIL 11, 2012 IS EXACTLY 100 YEARS AFTER THE DEPARTURE OF TITANIC AS SHE WENT SEAWARD ON HER MAIDEN VOYAGE TO CERTAIN DEATH? Do you think that God may be using the same technique to destroy today’s world systems as He evidently did to undo the Edwardian Era? Is he gathering the world’s elite onto a huge “ship” called earth and getting ready to sink it? It certainly seems to me to be the case. Could this explain why TITANIC has been the most fascinating ship disaster of all time, because God put in people’s minds to not forget it? And isn’t a comet (ELENIN) a ball of ice? Is it the iceberg that will be earth’s undoing?

Could it also be that if today’s world were capsulized to 2,223 passengers and crew as was on the TITANIC, and 1,517 of these represent the lost, that 706 would be the saved? This percentage of saved would be 31.75888% of the total on board. If applied to the earth’s redeemed of all ages, could it be that 31.75888% are those who are and will be the totality of the redeemed?

Remember that from today, August 25, 2011 until April 11, 2012 is only 231 days.

Just thinking.


Gerry Almond