Gerry Almond (12 Aug 2011)

Bro. Paul

There is NO verse in the Bible that states in words that the prophetic year is 360  days.  The reasons for my believing (actually knowing) this to be true are below.

                       DANIEL’S PROPHECY OF THE 70 WEEKS

The Daniel prophecy of the 70 weeks (of years) in chapter 9 was to total 490 years. This time was to be divided between 69 weeks and then Messiah would be “cut off” and 1 week which would come later.  It was to begin, according to Daniel 9:24 “from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem”.  It is agreed by scholars that the command here stated occurred on Nisan 1, B. C. 445.  That is 14 March B. C. 445 on our calendar.  From the decree, exactly 483 years of 360 days each arrived at 6 April A. D. 32, the date of crucifixion, the day Messiah was cut off.  This represents 69 prophetic years.


Next comes the fulfillment of the 70th week of this prophecy.  Both Daniel and Revelation describe a time period of 2,520 days called in the Bible the “time of Jacob’s trouble”, the “tribulation”, etc.  Daniel carefully breaks it down into two segments:  the tribulation and the GREAT tribulation.  Each segment is made up of 1,260 days.  The center of the time is the day of the rise of antichrist in person, called the “abomination that makes desolate” or the “abomination of desolation”.   Further, the so-called 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy, totaling 2,520 days is said to be 7 years in length.  Thus, 2520 divided by 7 equals 360 days time.  This is a “prophetic year” as opposed to the Jewish lunar year of 353, 355, or 363 days, depending on which year one is in.  This is also compared to the 365.24219 days solar year, or agricultural year of the Gregorian calendar.  The 360 days year is a perfect year, inasmuch as a circle has 360 degrees.  The trip around the sun of 360 days is a pure circle of perfection.

                                      THE ORIGINAL YEAR WAS 360 DAYS

In Genesis 1, the creation was declared to be perfect by the Creator.  This means that the rotation of the earth was perfect, that is, a 360 day cycle in a perfect circle around the sun, thereby giving the earth uniform weather.  It also meant that the month was exactly 30 days instead of the current 29+ day cycle.  Thus, God’s original earth year was 360 days made up of 12 x 30 days months.  The poles were apparently slightly atilt, which produced gentle seasons in that day.


The term “prophetic year” was used to differentiate between the lunar and solar counterparts.  Thus a prophetic year is a perfect year, and will rule the earth in the Kingdom Age when God returns the earth to its original status for 1,000 years.  These years are, incidentally, 360 days each also.  The Kingdom Age is to be 360,000 days.


So, in the table of nations when ages are given in years, for example Adam’s age of 930 years at his death, those are 930 x 360 days = 334,800 days of life after his creation.  Noah, at 950 years lived 342,000 days.  So, in calculating the days since Adam, one must take into account that the year was 360 days each until, at least, the great flood of Noah.  After that, it MAY have been 365.24219 days as it is now, the year being lengthened by whatever caused the disruption of the water blanket above the earth, which fell for 40 days and nights.  Perhaps a comet hit earth, elongating its orbit somewhat and thereby changing the length of the year, and slightly, the position of the moon.  Who knows?  But something sure happened.

                                           THE HEZEKIAH EVENT

In the days of Hezekiah, the king of Israel, he was relatively young and the prophet Nathan came to him one day with the announcement of this imminent death.  He was one of Israel’s “good” kings, doing God’s will for the nation.  He wept bitterly, complaining to the prophet that he was too young to die just yet and had obeyed YHWH, and still had things not done.  God sent Nathan back again to Hezekiah to tell him that He, God, had decided to extend his life another 15 years to give him time to complete these projects.  He was elated, but nevertheless, being a Jew demanded a sign.  Nathan asked him what sign do you seek?  

My conjecture is that they were probably in the palace gardens or somewhere like that and came to an agricultural calendar consisting of 360 stones in a circle.  The shadow of the sun on these stones told the viewer what time of year it was and what season.  Hezekiah asked the prophet to prove God’s message to him by causing the shadow of the sun to RETREAT 10 degrees on these stones.  That would be 10 DAYS!  As they watched, the shadow moved backward exactly 10 degrees (or, I think, stones).  Some say this represented 45 minutes…I disagree as that would not have impressed king Hezekiah.  I believe the movement represented 10 days.

In order for something like that to happen, one scenario worked out on a computer model (I don’t remember by whom) said that if a sizeable heavenly body hit the earth at the position of the Gulf of Mexico at an oblique angle and at the correct speed, it could move the surface of the earth over the molten core, producing this effect.  It would not have been felt on the Israeli side of earth, except for a slight tremor, but would have devastated the opposite side.  I speculate that not only did this happen, but it formed the Gulf at that time, emptying the Mississippi basin into the Gulf.  (They have found traces of cometary material in the Gulf floor in core drillings, by the way).  I also SPECULATE, that this time may have been when the earth gained its full 365.24219 days orbit.  

                          ABRAHAM MAY BE A TESTIMONY TO IT

I also wonder how Abraham knew Jesus day, as the scripture says, without the Bible?  I know he read the Zodiac and knew that, but Jesus day???  I kind of think he looked up and saw the southern cross and knew of it by special revelation.  If so, then Israel was in the southern hemisphere at the time of Abraham and was moved to the northern hemisphere on about the same latitudes.  If this happened that is why we could not determine the time of His coming by the agricultural signs in the Song of Solomon, using Jerusalem as the basis.  We would need to use Rio De Janeiro or some such place.

Just random thoughts for whatever value…probably none.  But interesting???

I hope this helps.  If not, simply discard this paper.


Gerry Almond