Gerlinda (9 Aug 2011)
"Prepare Now Before It is Too Late"

A message posted on Steve Quayle's news:
Prepare Now Before It Is Too Late

August 4, 2011
Kevin Barrett

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tonight while praying the Lord has given me a message to get out to His people with a strong urgency. It is profound and I admit that I am hesitant to send this out. Though He has told me that if I do not tell this message to His people then their blood will be upon my head. So as long as I get this word out, it is no longer upon my head and each person can take this to be a word from Him or not. It is then the responsibility of each individual if they will heed or not.

Word from the Lord:

PREPARE. Prepare even physically for what is at your doorstep America. Destruction shall suddenly come upon this land and many will be running to and fro seeking shelter from this calamity. Prepare now for a time of sudden darkness and terror. Supplies and food will stop suddenly as everyone is seeking to save their own lives. Seek me now that you may be hidden in me on this day of calamity. Yes, it is wise to store up food and supplies now. For suddenly this will happen. It will not be total disaster nor total destruction of America. But it will be sudden change in life as you know it. Seek me now and hear what I would have each of you to do. Some will be told to move suddenly, others I will say to you to stay. Seek me and know that your only safety is in me. Seek me now. I urge you, PREPARE! PREPARE NOW! For soon it will be too late to prepare when this thing happens suddenly. But do not fear. You will see many running in fear. But my people, I will protect. Read my word. Did I not protect the Israelites in Goshen while I brought destruction upon Egypt? Seek me and enquire of me what commands I have for each of you for your safety and supplies. And do not be afraid, but trust in your God. My hand is not too short that it cannot protect even the hairs on your head. But you must repent and seek me now. Stop what you are doing. Stop your entertainments and listen to the stillness of the wind. For surely it is the quietest right before sudden destruction. Do not listen to the prophets that speak peace and safety. They speak lies for the itching ears and to fatten their pockets. Seek me for what I would truly say to my people this day. And I would say repent, repent of your relaxed ways and rend your heart to the one and only true God. For there is sudden destruction coming upon this land and it will cover all very quickly. Only those with a prepared heart will not be taken by surprise and they shall praise their God in the midst of this sudden destruction. So I say PREPARE! Rend your hearts to me now and be saved from the sudden calamity that is sure to come.