Gerlinda (8 Aug 2011)
"To Ola IIori and Bruce Warner"

Ola Ilori (6 Aug 2011)
The 29th of Tammuz is the correct Day of Pentecost
Your wonderful explanation of the real Jewish Calendar was excellent and how "hopeful" we are as we look to the end of the Harvest and the correct Day of Pentecost. Thank you so much Ola
Finally, I hear someone else say what I've been trumpeting for such a long time now.  Yes, why do we limit our God by thinking the Church has to be gone before He will deal with the Jews????  All we do is put limits on our ability to understand what He is truly telling us.  This brings me to another thought, "Is God really going to bring the Jews back to the Old Covenant when He has so soundly fulfilled what the Old Testament was pointing toward....that the Lamb of God paid the sacrifice once and for all?  Perhaps, we need to look at who is really interesting in building their huge Masonic Temple on Mt. Moriah to replace Solomon's Temple, which God allowed to be destroyed because of the huge apostosy that had taken over the priesthood which He had institued.  When that "Pretender to the throne sets himself up as god in a wing of that temple, don't you just know the True Jews will have their blinders taken off and flee?  Another big Thank you Bruce.