Gerlinda (5 Aug 2011)
"to Rowina: The new moon sighting"

Rowina (3 Aug 2011)
Your question to Paul regarding when the New Moon was sighted on Aug 2nd.  Does it change the calendar?  Absolutely not.
The only month that starts right on the first sighting of the New Moon is Rosh haShanah and all the rest of the calendar is figured out from the New Moon of the Secular New Year.  This year, Tishrie starts on Sept. 29th on the Jewish Calendar with Rosh HaShanah being the Head of the Year but it must be sighted by two witnesses to officially begin the New Year.  Wherever it was first sighted in Israel, they must send a  message of the sighting down the line immeditely.  In days of old, a fire was lit atop a hill top and the next one lit their fire, etc.
Often times, it may be cloudy for several days right at the beginning of a month and what they are saying, as reported by Karaite Korner that  the new moon was sighted on Aug. 2 is simply that, "The New Moon wasn't seen 'officially' until Aug. 2nd."
Keep everything in it's present perspective.