Gerlinda (4 Aug 2011)
"To Steve Coeper and Five Dove Readers"

The Thundering Silence link I've just read as recommended by Steve Coeper today 8-3-11.  This is an excellent work and only adds to my own belief that America not only will be judge but MUST be judged.  Thank you Steve C. for that link.
For other Five Doves who read my post of the interview by Walter White with the deplorable Rosenthal, whom respresents those that say they are "Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan",  I'm sorry if you were offended.  Yes, it sounded just like White Supremacist  groups, KKK, New Agers,  NWO politicans, Satanic Royals of Europe because, if you followed the Luciferian speak, he alludes to all of these groups that they, not only infillrated but actually formed all these and more to serve their purpose, which is to put their god upon the earthly throne.  It is these things that are being revealed that has moved Conspiracy Theories into "Conspiracy Facts".  People are waking up, Thanks to Our Heavenly Father.  And soon, the blinders will come off the rest of the Jewish People whom Jehovah God calls His Own. 
I, too, am a Jew because of family lineage, whom believes in Yeshua not only shed His Blood as the Son of Jehovah but He will be coming back soon to rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I lived in Germany during the WWII Holocaust so, yes, what was asked about the numbers of Jews being killed as having been over-blown, blew me away, you could say.  But does that shocking statement or even some of the other question being asked take away from the mulitude of truth that was revealed as not to be taken seriously?  It offended me for the time and I will have to research why such a question would even be asked.  I know that there were mulitude of others that met their end such as Gypsies, Catholic priest and nuns whom dared to speak out and even hide the Jewish people.  There were homosexuals, opponents of the political system that were added to the railroad cars that headed to the Camps.  So, is Mr. White speaking of 6 million as including all those that perished in camps instead of just the Jews?  If so, then it would be a valid question.  There seems to be much that we are only being told now with the help of the internet and people who really dig.
Yes, those of the roots of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob have been vilified, spat upon, suffered greatly and who is it that is doing their best to make sure the brethren of Yeshua Himself do not survive to claim the Land promised to them by God Himself in His Covenant to Abraham & sons.  Isn't it obvious that it is those that claim to be Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan.  How many times does it need to be pointed out that these are not True Jew but pretenders.  They may have some Jewish blood since the Bible does speak of the Antichrist as being referred to as Assyerian, Roman, Greek, Dannite and even the Son of Satan.  That brings up another question debated in that article of why they seem to be so arrogantly superior to others.   Parts of the Bible tell how the Fallen Angels shared knowledge that was not for man to know, one of which was learning how to make the implements of war.  Some day, they will make war no more.  We all have met some pretty intelligent people who are not Jewish and certainly plenty who didn't fit the bill at all.  Sometimes, plain good common sense is need much more than great intelligence, right?
So, please, know I did not share that information that seems to speak against the Jewish people to be seen as a cut and dried anti-Semite article.  It was shared to show the true identity of these Illuminati Zionist.   We know that Genesis 12:3 warns, "I will bless those that bless Thee and curse those that curse Thee."
America is filled to the brim of those that will feel the Curse of God while the total number of those that have found the "Narrow Way" are small in comparison to the total population. 
Saved by His Blood,