Gerlinda (3 Aug 2011)
"Steven, a bit about that seat of Satan"

Steven, about that Seat of Satan at was a "Temple" .   So people who say that there has to be a temple built first in Jerusalem may be not even consider that  much of Revelation has already been fulfilled.  It sure had been in John's day when he wrote it.  Even Antiochus IV sacrifced at Satan's Temple and then sacrificed a pig on the altar of the Jewish Temple as the ultimate desecration.  He even had 'times' changed back then so no need to wait for this Antichrist now to do it.  He stopped animal sacrifice back then.  The Pagan Roman Empire so loosely now called Christian moved the Lord's Sabbat of Saturday to the 1st of the week in honor of the Sun god.  When Jesus Christ comes He won't bring the old Temple Sacrifice back because He fulfilled the final Sacrifice by becoming the Perfect Lamb of God.   He also was the High Priest that made the Offering Himself.  He also became the High Priest when He presented Himself to the Father as the First-Fruit.   Why would he have them step backwards only to have them understand and accept that He was their Messiah.  In fact, they will have to cry out to Him and realize He was their Messiah all along before He will come to them, 'Blessed is He that Came in the Name of the Lord".  
The Temple being planned for right now is driven by the Rothschild/Rockefeller money to build their Kabbala Masonic Temple.  They are using the desires, talents and energy of the old faithful Jews yearning to rebuild their temple and believe it will bring their Messiah.  Other Jews wait and believe Messiah will build it himself.
I believe when Obama sold his soul that day at Satan's Temple he had been taken over by Satan himself.  He received the keys to this kingdom at that time.  The count could have begun than  because his inauguaration wasn't even legal.....not even the next day when administered in private since no one knows what book he swore upon.   It didn't seem of any consequence anyhow, did it?  When he took up the reigns that day in Munich, so to say,  he announced his intentions to a world audience  but the final length of time given to him is granted by God Himself and he is given 3 1/2 years, not seven nor even four.
I have gone from a Pre-Trib. Rapture teaching of most of my life to a Pre-Wrath by reading the Bible for myself and considering the increase of knowledge given to us to undersand so much more.   We  may have liminted ourselves by hanging on to a rigid prophetic teaching that was not quite right.  God has given bits and pieces, dreams, visions and abilities to understand the numbers to help put this together so much more.
I believe we will be gone before Rosh much before; I don't know but we may be here to see that a Peace Treaty  soon confirmed and even  Damascus destroyed, which could be right around the corner.  This is all on the burner "right now" and could be fulfilled this month.  Then, in Sept (Rosh haShanah), there may be "The Sudden Destruction".  I just do not see how there can be another seven years or even 3 1/2 following after a Rapture.  But someone, do the math from August of 2008 with 3 1/2 years added to it and where does it go?  Perhaps somewhere around the same time that Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem......on a Nissan 10.
Right now, the Heavens speak of The Destroyer coming to deal with these Fallen Angels and the evil men who sold their souls for power, lust and money.   If they survive any catastrophe and dig out of their holes, they will meet on the  Plains of Armegeddon to try to defeat Jesus Christ Himself but instead will flee to the holes, begging for the rocks to fall upon them.  No doubt there will be a heavenly war going on with the final throwing out of Satan and his wicked, fallen angels and let's not forget those 1/2 human 1/2 monsters that have been genetically created for this final on-slaught.  We've read the end of the book and they will all bow down to Our King, Yeshua.  Praise His Holy Name.
You have done a fine piece of work here and really stirred the mind even more.  Isn't that the way the Lord works on us.........using us all to fill in the gaps.  Gerlinda