Gerlinda (29 Aug 2011)
"From my friend: Words Godtold me to write about "The Dawn of the Moon"."

I have always anticipated the Rapture of the Church during the "Harvest Season" based on a life-time of work by Yacov Rambsel who told how he found the words encoded  "Natzal", which means to be snatched out.  In Ruth 1:13, he decoded a phrase, HAIN NATSAL,  which means "Behold the Rapture".    He found the Rapture coincides with the Jewish Festival of Pentecost.  He found it four times alone in the Book of Ruth, 1st chapter 18th, the words "Melek Yeshua", which means King Jesus.  Each year, as I watch, I was disapointed but this year, upon reading Five Doves (I don't remember who posted the wonderful find of the length of this whole harvest period but thank you so much ) it is not just the first 50 days but 50 more days added to that which would bring this whole Harvest season to be in the Summer Season and end this year on August 30/31st?  Yacov Rambsel also found the modern Hebrew word for the same term is shilhuv.  That term hasn't been used until recent times.
In Exodus 19:16-17, where it tells about how Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God, the Hebrew word for "...on the third day in the morning...' is written the term shilhuv, natzal, haMashiack, Yeshua which means Rapture, caught up, the Messiah, Jesus.  At the beginning of this past month,at the time of Rosh Chadesh began when Moses is believed to have gone up to the Mountain again.  It is the time when every Jew must ask for forgiveness from his fellow man and from God to prepare his heart for Rosh haShanah, become like a new-born babe.   It seems to me, knowing all of this and what is transpiring around the world right now, we would be blind not to see the day that the Lord spoke about is upon us.
All of that said, I want to share this very special message given to me by a dear friend whom was awakened early this morning (Saturday 27th) and given these words.....what a powerful message.  She asks what is the Dawn of the Moon.  We know that is when the new moon is just beginning to show in the sky.  This new moon will be next seen on Aug. 30/31, depending on where you live.  Thank you, Michele.
What impresses me is that Michele wasn't too sure when or what the Dawn of the Moon meant yet look how perfectly it fits this whole picture the Lord has given to us.  Gerlinda
Subject: Words Godtold me to write
The Lord woke me up and gave me these words to write! I am sending them to you! What is the dawn of the moon?

The day is coming the time is spent! The sky will fall and the earth will be rent!

People will cry, but I will no longer hear, they have hearts of stone and tremble with fear!

My wrath have they placed upon their life, they were unclean and filthy, not fit for a wife!

Now they play with their very own soul… there’s no turning back where they must go!

The time is at hand for my great return when the earth will burn, heated with fire and no longer turn!

My Bride will be hidden far away in the sky, protected & loved by my only desire!

To save her and keep her from the wrath that will pass, it will shatter the darkness like the breaking of glass!

No more trials no more pain, my bride is with me, for it is to her gain!

Warn the people tell them today, time is ending it won’t be long, My bride will be with me together in song!

Turn up the volume, cry it aloud, the message is complete and I am in the clouds!

Lift up your heads look at the sky, “I AM” is coming “I AM” is nigh!

Even as a key opens a door, the bridegroom will not wait anymore!

The people are scattered as lost little sheep, I want to protect them from the dark ugly deep!

Keep praying and trusting in my word as I gave, You will hear a horn blow, and I will open and save, Death lost the battle, I conquered the grave!

My reward is with me, I will be there soon, the curtain will fall at the dawn of the moon!

Michele Dickey August 27, 2011