Gerlinda (29 Aug 2011)
"Fay - Aug. 11 interview between Walter White and Rosenthal"

Faye,  I believe I will let Jerry Golden show you what he sees in Jerusalem with the pictures and descriptions applying to them.  These are the ones I describe as the Zionist.
Faye,  I am 70 years old and  know history very well, have been to the Holocaust Museum  in Jerusalem twice, saw the haunting pictures of my kinsmen rounded up, tattooed numbers put on them as another means of "degradation"  besides keeping track of them because God clearly tells a person not cut his skin or put a etching (tattoo) upon themselves.  Lev. 21:5.   The Nazis clearly knew this when they chose that method to mark these poor victims with the mark of their Satanic Plot to extterminate them.   I cried my heart out to see the bag of bones that actually survived those years whose large, dead eyes had seen so much pain and suffering they were like the walking dead.  My husband, a young soldier from the USA, was one of the first to arrive in Dachau and worked getting them into save places until they could find relatives or place to go.  While at Holocaust Museum, I was priviledged to share a very precious time hugging with two old Jewish ladies that survived  Auschwitz-Birkenau  who were trying to show their grand-niece where they got their marks and where they suffered.  I am completely aware of the fact that there were 6 million Jews that died in those camps. My own home in Germany is north of is very real to me, believe me.   I said in my own response  that I was blown away by that remark made and would try to do more investigation as to why this was even said.   You don't for one minute assume that I do not know the difference, right?  The crux of that whole reason for sending that article was the confessions of a man who was an insider and later exterminated by those who run the world and whom Jerry Golden whom lives in Jerusalem shows us in the above link.
In fact, if you do a study on the word "Zion" and "Sion", you will find out there is a difference even though they are used interchangeble all the time.    The Christians who call themselves Christian Zionist do not realize the difference.  However, God will bless them richly for their support of the "True Jews".
So, please Faye, it is not my desire for you to have anger against me because of this mis-understanding between us.  I believe you and I are probably both very strong supporters for the right of the Jews to occupy her Land given to her by Jehovah God.  He called it His Land and He would give it whomever He chose.
PS  I think the real danger is to not bring all of this to the attention of people who attend church yet do not understand the real power behind Israel's government and how they have crafted a "devilis scheme" to make the way for that future a/c.