Gerlinda (25 Aug 2011)
"Phil" Concerning 08 Olympic Games"

Phil.  I've been searching for sources I have saved concerning the 08 Oylmpics and here is all I'm finding now in my files  (that's what happens when you clean our your computer.)  I can't even believe I didn't keep a better source for this one I do have.    I believe Pastor Riley wrote on this subject also.  Gerlinda

III. The modern Olympics opens today, August 8, 2008, in Beijing, China, forming an '888'.

This opening date forms an '888', a most important number in the pagan occult tradition.

NEWS BRIEF: "The number 8 is more than enough for the Olympics -- and Chinese Americans", L. A. Times, August 8, 2008

"Friday's numerical configuration -- 8/8/08 -- marks the irresistible alignment of Chinese culture's most celebrated number and the starting date of the Beijing Olympics. Lest anyone forget Jeff Tsao's and Christine Chung's wedding date, the West Covina couple stamped a logo with three interlocking eights across posters, T-shirts and party favors made especially for the affair. Family and friends overseas who couldn't make it to the ceremony in Costa Mesa gifted the soon-to-be-weds with lucky Chinese envelopes stuffed with $888."

In the occult tradition, the number '8' carries the meaning, "New Beginnings", and is considered a number of "good luck".

Further, in the occult tradition, the meaning of a number is "intensified" if it is repeated once or twice. Therefore, an '88' or an '888' would intensify the meaning of New Beginnings. However, a triple intensification is the maximum allowed, so the number '888' represents the maximum strength of the original meaning of '8'.

Literally, the Olympics Games are starting on the date which represents the highest possible level of "New Beginnings".

The Illuminati shares the same occult tradition as do the Chinese. Therefore, I have been expecting some dramatic events to occur within this year, events which shall propel the world toward the New World Order especially powerfully. Already during this year, we have seen:

1) Severe banking crisis which has eliminated competition within the industry, has allowed the Federal Reserve to gain special powers, and has given the drive to a truly global banking authority new impetus.

2) Severe cost increases in oil and key food stuffs throughout the entire world. Henry Kissinger's quote in the DVD above, "Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos", is especially pertinent. "By controlling energy, we can control nations; by controlling food, we can control individuals"!

3) Peace seems about ready to break out in the Middle East, as the Iranian crisis seems ready to be solved, as the Palestinian State may be created before Bush leaves office, and America begins to talk seriously about withdrawing its forces from Iraq.

Doubtless you can think of other events which might occur in 2008 which would dramatically propel the world further into the New World Order.

To understand the inherently pagan nature of the modern Olympics Games, please take a few moments to read our archived article, NEWS1617, "WINTER OLYMPICS 2002 -- WORSHIP OF MOTHER EARTH GODDESS GAIA WITH ANTICHRIST SYMBOLISM PROMINENT!"