Gerlinda (22 Aug 2011)
"for; Michael Colunga - We have an ancient clue....."

To: Michael Colunga on your report"
We have an ancient clue...about the ancient 360 day year
Again, I want to thank you for this letter that clearly shows the signigicance of  what happened on Oct. 29, 2008 in the city of the New World Headquarters, where The Usurper stood in front of the replica of Satan's Seat after visiting the real one in Berlin.  This replica was no mere presentation of creating a back-drop.  It was making an "annoucement to the world".  He even inspected it prior to make sure it met his every qualifications.
Then, there was the 2008 Olympic Games in China (it or "he"  shall come from the East...not sure how that goes) ) that took place August 8 to August 24,2008 which was so full of the number "Eight" that you'd have to be blind not to notice.  Eight is the number of New Beginnings and the announcement took place in the year that will never be repeated again, just as the whole presentation that took place in Oct. 29, 2008 will not ever have that date to be repeated.  There is just too much to just call it all 'mere coincidence'.
For sure, the Illuminati presented their "Beginning and their ultimate End"
Keep up your great reporting