Gerlinda (20 Aug 2011)
"for Nando"

Hi Nando,  When I first read that same report,  Aug 18, 2011, is Elenin equal to Nibiru......who is telling the truth,  I was a bit offended also with him saying that the Illuminati created all religions but quickly, the Holy Spirit remind me that what believers have in Jesus Christ is not a religion but a RELATIONSHIP.  Israel was given a "Marriage Contract' that they broke which was a intimate relationship, not a religion but soon they took up the religion of pagan gods.
We, that have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, have such a special Relationsip with His presence of His Holy Spirit, it cannot be compared to a mere relgion.
Someday soon, God's wife, Israel, will come to realize whom their "Kinsman Redeemer" was all along and call out to Him.
As with all things, Satan would love to have us believe we are a religion.....No, No, no......we are in a very special relationsip with God Himself.
Thanks for reading,