Gerlinda (13 Aug 2011)
"Bob Ware.......Jared was 527"

Bob,  I don't know a thing about any of this but did notice something in your chart below where you showed postion 43 and prime for that number as 153 and the number for Obama 881.
The number 153 caught my eye as it says in John 21:11  "Simon Peter went up and drew the net to land full of great fishes, and 150 and 3; and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken".
I'm wondering if this may ring a bell with you to do more numerical checking.  Men of the Gospel have wondered about this number 153 and what it meant........was it pertaining to the great number (people/fish) who were saved and not cast aside.   Is there a ratio to this number 153 to a larger number of those that won't be saved but will be cast aside?
Does it mean the Rapture at the time of this 881 person who holds that illegal postion of the 43rd president?
I'm sure you will find something.  Thanks