Gerlinda (12 Aug 2011)
"To: Christiana J about prophecy"

Yipee!  Yipee!  Thank you so much Christiana for sharing this wonderful news.  How encouraging it is to think this man is still alive, waiting and knowing that he was part of a prophecy given so long ago.  Thank you for going the extra mile to find this information.  It really stirs my heart as I know it will the many others who read this. 
PS Knowing that this Elenin, which means "Extinction Level Event" is coming in at 26,000 miles per hour and only God knows what that will has to be part of this prophecy.  Gerlinda

About your post yesterday:

Thanks for your post yesterday. I had read that prophecy several times in the past, but as I read it again, something new struck me. The account was given to a prominent Norwegian preacher at the time, Emanuel Minos. In her account, the old woman states that she would not live to see the prophecy's fulfillment, but that Emanuel would. A little googling and a translation of a Norwegian wiki page shows...Emanuel is still alive today and just celebrated his 86th birthday in June!!

Surely it is Soon!

Christina J.