Gerlinda (1 Aug 2011)
"For Lynn, Are Any doves Feeling This Way"

Oh my fellow sister in the Lord, Lynn,   My heart breaks for you because I know the hurt that can break one's heart when rejected in so many ways and even family telling me not to send anything about 'The End of the World' when it is not that what I said at all and as for Jesus, my Catholic daughter-in-law told me knows Jesus and she keeps it private and would I, please keep my Jesus to myself.  Those of us who know Jesus love to share the Good News, not keep Him private.  He said, 'If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me".  You have articulated so well all of the same things I have been feeling and doing.  I, too am considered nuts by family and I imagine most of my friends whom do not even acknowledge  receiving my posts, except for four who believe like us and have such a yearning for Jesus to Come, are like yours, rude in their wordly knowldege as they snicker at this lunitic.  I know that two pastors have blocked me by changing their addresses and not telling me of the change.  And in my grief, I've become more bold to the point that I simply don't care what they think anymore because it is Almighty God that I must answer not them for trying to help someone from not stepping into a over-flowing Volcano. That is what Hell is and it is getting  so full with it's bubbling steam & fire is coming to the surface and  it has no choice but to burst open to make more room for those that will not listen.   Why is it that volcanoes that laid dormant for centuries are suddenly coming to life, such as those 6 in N. Ca./Nv in one day??   All of these people Lynn you've contacted can never, ever say to you, 'Why didn't you tell me?"  Love and Prayers to you Lynn, Hang in there.  And someday Lynn, we will see those that did take the message and accepted it, Praise the Lord Jesus, the Christ.  Gerlinda
Lynn (30 July 2011)
"Are Any Doves Feeling This Way?"