Gerlinda (1 Aug 2011)
"Vonda Wood (30 July 2011)"

Great Post Vonda and besides Virgo being clothed in the Sun and the Moon, let's not forget what else makes this year so very special.  It is like the Post Script to it all, Elenin is also seen above Virgo's head on Sept. 29th  with the cluster of the 12 stars located above her head.  Elenin is considered by many to be the Sun's smaller brother (a sun and not a star or comet) which travels an oblong path which it has traveled in the past, thus now speeding up greatly as it gets closer.    It may well be the very event that marks the destruction of much of the earth, through that Great Earthquake that begins in Jerusalem, which is the center of the earth and will cause all the other fault lines to crack.  We pray for a Rapture so very soon but we may have to admit that we may be  taken just before the Wrath of God, which is promised to the Believer.   I thank Almighty God for that promise that we are not appointed unto Wrath.   Gerlinda