Gail (24 Aug 2011)
""Sharpening the Pencil", how sad when it comes to reality"

Aging Nukes
Aug 7, 2011
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"Sharpening the Pencil" is a story that was published in the Columbia Daily Tribune.  It's copyrighted, so I didn't reprint it here.
It covers the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC) relaxation of all their rules governing the U.S. safety procedures in regards to U.S. Nuclear Plants.  It's findings are not comforting.
There are several Nuclear Power Plants that merit watching, especially in lieu of a bad weather system hitting the east coast.
Here they are:  Oyster Creek, near the Atlantic coast 50 miles east of Philadelphia.
Two units at Indian Point, 25 miles north of New York City along the Hudson River.
And last, budefinitelyly not least, the Surry Virginia Plant, that I remarked in my post -
 (26 Apr 2011)
"Momentum Part III"

distance from Surry, VA

36 Miles to Norfolk Va
122 Miles to Washington DC (our capital)
Naval Station Norfolk is the World's largest Naval Military Base. Clearly an important security feature of the United States. 
Watch the news unfold about Surry Virginia's Nuclear Power Plant, it's gonna cripple the U.S. strategic defense.
In one of the industry’s worst accidents, a corroded pipe burst at Virginia’s Surry 2 reactor in 1986 and showered workers with scalding steam, killing four.
And in April 2011 it was shutdown because of damage done to it's electrical grid from a tornado.