Frank R Molver (9 Aug 2011)
"re Noah and pets in heaven"
Thanks for your excellent input Jan
Funny thing you share about our pets being restored to the vibrant part of their life.
After we buried Krystal and set up a stone with a flower pot to honor the companionship we went to "God in the Park"
My friend was having a BBQ in the park with music and baptism in the river, it was very beautiful.
Anyway after we got there we saw another Alaskan Eskimo only he was about 2 years old.
These dogs are rare, so that made it special.
I was then reminded of seeing my mother in a brief vision.
I had injured my head pretty bad and was worried about my family.
My mother died several years prior to that at 84 years old.
But when I saw her in this brief vision she looked about 22 years old and she just smiled at me reassuringly.
So what you shared in your post made a lot of sense.
I am not saying we are to preach the gospel to our pets but God definitely created them for our fellowship.
not only that he took them in the ark
So the rainbow poem makes a lot  of sense.