Frank R Molver (9 Aug 2011)
"re China showing it's teeth"
Thanks Steven, you are right to point this out, many here have been watching this for a long time.
Around 95 there was a vision shared by a D. Duduman re China and Russia strike.
In this vision they plot an attack, saying the US should not control the world anymore.
China sets a blockade around Taiwan.
When the US responds Russia hits us from the backside.
Shortly after this vision was shared China actually set up a blockade around China.
Sure enought, the US sent a fleet over to break it up.
It was all a test for the future.
Now they even know how to take down a carrier
In 83 I had a vision of a Russian missile flying over the US, so I know it is coming
China knows a lot about war, after all the premier manual on war was written in China by Sun Tzu
I watched a fantastic movie called Red Cliff by Johnny Woo
What a movie, these guys know how to make war
But, we know who actually wins, don't we.