Frank R Molver (6 Aug 2011)
"Don't forget, Noah's ark had animals [pets] on it."

For you pet lovers
I had to put down our dog Krystal today.
Actually Krystal is a he, my wife named him that because his long pure white hair looked like it had crystals on it as the sun shone on it.
Krystal is a American Eskimo and pure white, a pretty dog.
Anyway, God humbles us with age to remind us of bigger things.
So, coincidently, my word in the daily word pamphlet just happens to be about saying hard goodbyes.
Isn't that kind of Him.
Not only that, as I pondered that story about hard goodbyes, I look up on the painting in front of me.
It is a famous painting of Noah's ark, with all the animals in it and a rainbow and a dove above it.
Now tell me. Does God care for the animals?
I think God loves our pets just as much as we do and more.
Didn't he tell us to be kind to our animals, certainly he did, and that is why.
So I think you might be surprised in heaven.