Frank R Molver (5 Aug 2011)
"Re end of the road for Israel, 3rd Av, soon"
Your link pretty much explains the vision. We are at the 3rd Av with eclipses apparently.
If what they say about Obama is correct next April, a fake assassination that could be the mortal head wound.
That would mean we are darn near the middle of the last 7.
So it would seem to me that a large war in Israel is soon on the horizon.
Remember Obama's secret threat about what he would do to Israel
The money thing has been settled so it seems he is free to go ahead with his plan
We should see a major economic problem too if all this is true.
Thanks for sharing Steve
"I’ve been looking forward all day to the time when I could sit down at my computer and write. Like many of you, I was watching AV 1 closely to see what God might have for us this first day of the fifth Jewish month. With three solar eclipses occurring on Av 1 the past three years in a row, it seemed likely that Av 1 of this year might well be signficant in some very important way.

It was almost the end of the day yesterday, (Av 1), when I received an e-mail from Steve Coerper regarding a newstory out of Israel. According to the newstory, Prime Minister Netanyahu is considering a return to the 1967 borders in return for the stalled peace talks to resume before a UN vote this September regarding the creation of a Palestinian state.

I find this to be an incredible turn of events. If this is true, this is BIG and not necessarily good news. Could a decision such as this be the reason for the three warnings given on Av 1 the past three years? "