FJ (9 Aug 2011)
"Dr. Owuor - United Kingdom Prophesy"

  • I have doubted him previously but Dr. Owuor's UK prophesy appears to be coming true in these days.

    Rioting has now spread to many cities with buildings on fire, fire crew rushing to scenes and the Prime Minister cutting short his vacation.
    Could get much worse yet.

    Dear God we pray to you to shine your light on the Earth. The earth needs your infinite mercy & grace, only your love and compassion can heal and restore it. This last generation needs you more then ever Father, you are the way, the truth and the life and we acknowledge that with our hearts, mind and soul. This may be a lost generation Father but as your Church we are here to pray on its behalf that your light is received into this generation and your hand is upon us. All Glory to you dear Father. Amen.