Fay (30 Aug 2011)
"Gestation Period"

Hi John and Doves,
I found this conversation on RITA Now. It's very thought provoking.
We have so many signs that could be taken as the starting point for the onset of labour pains. Or the beginning of a difficult preganancy. I keep harking back to the Christchurch earthquake of 22nd February 2011. If this is our starting point - 9 months later brings us to 22nd November 2011. Lots of 11's there!! I also hark back to the vivid 'birthing' pictures of the Chile Mine Rescue of October 2010. All pregnancies are different though. *sigh*. All my children were 3 weeks early!! Any other ideas of what could have signalled our 'starting point'?? Did the Chile Mine Rescue hint at an October Rapture?? I can't help feeling - very strongly - that we're missing a strong clue, somewhere.