Fay (30 Aug 2011)
"Punctuation Marks"

Hi John and Doves,
We're all, understandably, on high alert for our Blessed Hope - the Rapture. The signs are coming thick and fast. It's gathering momentum. Still - doubts creep in. Maybe some other stuff has to happen first..........? That kind of thing. I will say that I have never felt closer to the LORD than I do now. It's almost as if a barrier has been removed. I can 'feel' the angels all around us. I can picture - in my minds eye - just how swiftly my prayers reach Heaven. Instantly!! Our LORD has produced many miracles in my life but the one that happened, this week, was quite something. As times are tough, financially, we found ourselves quite compromised this month. Too many bills, not enough dosh! I'm sure a lot of you know the feeling. We received a substantial refund from our utility provider - quite out of the blue. This happened after I'd been praying for help and recognised just how swiftly my prayers were heard. It may sound mundane but - believe me - it was anything but. A confirmation in so many ways more than one. Praise His Holy Name.
As we are nearing the 10th anniversary of 9/11, a lot of stuff has become clearer to me. The steel girder cross that was left standing amongst the debris and carnage, simply blasted out a message from the LORD. That He WILL triumph. It was a declaration of war. Link below has the image of where this beautiful cross was found - what it looked like.
I believe this beautiful cross was a marker. We've been in a countdown, ever since. With 9/11, Satan and his minions overstepped the mark. They crossed the line and set off the countdown. Since 9/11, we've seen the swift escalation of everything that is anti Scriptural. More war, greedy, deceptive 'leaders', the ME in an explosion of violence, dire threats to Israel, homosexuality and the spread of, taking precedence over Christianity - and the spread of. It's EXACTLY as Scripture said it would be in the end days, preceding the tribulation. What is wrong will suddenly become 'right'. Evil men waxing worse and worse - deceiving and being deceived. Wars and rumours of wars. Earthquakes in diverse places. Famine, flooding, disease and hatred abounds. Besides our LORD's beloved Israel and her current travails, the satanic persecution of Christians in the Western world (never mind anywhere else) is simply astonishing. I never thought I'd see the day. This 10th anniversary of 9/11 is very, very important. So many efforts have been made to keep Christian pastors away. So many efforts are being made to keep the first responders (Firemen etc) out of the way. They are trying to turn it into something else. We've had ample hints with their massive efforts to approve the proposed mosque. TPTB are desperate to have this particular anniversary marked as a triumph of sorts.  We've had 'tribulation' for 10 'days'. This year marks the end of that.
Just as the partial solar eclipse of 1st June 2011 and the partial solar eclipse of 1st July served as 'brackets' for the bulls eye blood moon of June 15th 2011 , like so...(     0     ), so too was the cross of 9/11/2001 a massive punctuation mark. The cross is also used as a plus sign in maths. As Jesus is the ONE ( '1 ' ) the Trade Centre cross indicated we are to add a ' 1 ' to the year 2001. Making it 2011. This may sound fanciful and a tad childish - over simplified - but my spirit tells me otherwise.
We're going HOME soon, Doves.
God Bless
In Jesus' Beloved Name