Fay (30 Aug 2011)
"Reply to Gerlinda"

Hi John and Doves,
  I am totally aware that there are those that are of the 'synagogue of Satan'. There is evil in every race of people - including the Jewish people. What I objected to was the outright accusation that 6 millions Jews were NOT slaughtered by the Nazi's. This lie is what motivates every single anti Israel zealot. I thought we had dropped the subject, when you posted this:-
I, too, am a Jew because of family lineage, whom believes in Yeshua not only shed His Blood as the Son of Jehovah but He will be coming back soon to rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I lived in Germany during the WWII Holocaust so, yes, what was asked about the numbers of Jews being killed as having been over-blown, blew me away, you could say.  But does that shocking statement or even some of the other question being asked take away from the mulitude of truth that was revealed as not to be taken seriously?  It offended me for the time and I will have to research why such a question would even be asked.  I know that there were mulitude of others that met their end such as Gypsies, Catholic priest and nuns whom dared to speak out and even hide the Jewish people.  There were homosexuals, opponents of the political system that were added to the railroad cars that headed to the Camps.  So, is Mr. White speaking of 6 million as including all those that perished in camps instead of just the Jews?  If so, then it would be a valid question.  There seems to be much that we are only being told now with the help of the Internet and people who really dig.
This sounds to me that you are agreeing with Mr White and consider his line of questioning, re the Holocaust, valid!!
Your 'Mr. White' pushed and shoved to get Rosenthal to 'admit' that the Holocaust was a lie or, at the very least, a gross exaggeration. Here is a link to that interview. I will ask that Doves access this link to recognise just what I am objecting to.
Scroll down to where Mr White is pushing Rosenthal  to admit that some Jewish Organisation "fabricated the lie about the Holocaust" Whatever or whomever, is a member of 'The synagogue of Satan', lets never, ever forget that the satanic sacrifice of approximately 6 million Jewish people was carried out - meticulously - by Adolf Hitler, whilst the majority of the world looked the other way. The subject here is not the EXACT figure of Jews killed. The subject is that Walter White's line of questioning was hitting - HARD - at trying to prove that the Holocaust was some figment of some deranged murderous, satanic Jew's imagination.