Fay (3 Aug 2011)
"The Interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal"

Hi John and Doves,
When I read this revolting piece of anti Semitic filth, I felt like I had been exposed to pornography. Evil in it's purest, putrid form. It goes further than the Protocols of Zion. It plays directly into the hands of the satanic crowd who are ruling (ruining) this world.
I have no doubt that evil has seeped it's way into certain segments of the Jewish people. A certain 'spooky dude' George Soros is a prime example. Hey, why should they be exempt? There are plenty of evil whites/blacks/Asians/Arabs - aristocrats/middle class/working class. You name the segment of society - it too has been infiltrated. Every single organised religious organisation has had to do battle with evil infiltration. Some of them fight it - others submit to it. It's obvious that satan is too sly to put all his eggs in one basket.
This so-called "concerned patriot", Walter White Jnr, displayed his true, anti Semitic, Jew hating hand when he tried to get the dastardly Mr. Rosenthal to admit to "the lie that was the Holocaust". White put the question, "The story about the 6 million Jews supposedly cremated or murdered by the Nazis". Rosenthal answered, "What about it?". White clarified the question with, "Do you know who or what Jewish Organisation created that big lie?" ..........sheesh!! Now - according to White and Rosenthal - The Jews REAL God is actually Lucifer. I have to admit to cracking up over that one. Only in Lucifer's wildest dreams would this be true. haha.
COME ON ! Who has this White idiot been mixing with........Ahmadinejad? Hitler?
If the Jewish race are so clever and superior to us "stupid goy" (according to Mr. Rosenthal) then why - oh PLEASE tell me why - they have been persecuted, vilified, spat upon, subjected to pogroms, banished and exterminated since history began? It doesn't seem like such a "clever, superior" plan to me. I guess we should get used to it. This is exactly the kind of repulsive propaganda that satan will spread. Yet again! The Jews make a handy scapegoat for when the powers that be, screw up. In order for Satan to prevent (attempt to prevent) our LORD'S second coming - he has to exterminate the Jews. He keeps trying. This time, he's coming for born again Christians as well. We've only witnessed the tip of the iceberg as far as anti Christian propaganda goes. We Christians will have to brace ourselves because this type of utter filth will be written about and aimed at us too. In the not too distant future. God help us.
In Jesus' Beloved Name