Fay (27 Aug 2011)
"Walter White - Rosenthal "INTERVIEW""

Gerlinda, your post: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/aug2011/gerlinda825-2.htm
The article you posted re the so-called "interview" contained the most virulent type of anti Semitism. Labelling Rosenthal as "deplorable" - if he actually exists, then, yes, he is deplorable. It was Walter White, the interviewer, who reeked of evil. To attempt to label the Holocaust as an exaggeration or lie is despicable and sickening. Read your history - look at the photographs - study the documentation - study the FACTS! 6 million Jews WERE exterminated. They (6 million) and a multitude of others. The Polish people suffered a nightmare as well. The Nazi machine was pure, unadulterated evil. To label the Illuminati as "Zionist" is outrageous. How do you know who is really who in the zoo? Seriously? You have no more idea than the rest of us. It's just really convenient to label them "Zionist". I would be very careful about where you aim your accusations.
I have no desire to feel as angry as I do right now, regarding this vile, so-called interview. We are in the last days.