Fay (19 Aug 2011)
"Marilyn Agee - 6 Seals and the Rapture"

Hey John and Doves,
Marilyn, dear sister in Christ, I found this link which speaks to my instinctual beliefs regarding the seals. I couldn't possibly pretend to have greater knowledge than yourself but feel I must present this point of view. The biggest confirmation we believers received was the footage of the pale (green: chlorus) horse, captured during the Egypt riots of 2011.  Many will claim 'lens flare' and the like but the image was captured on more than one camera. They couldn't have all experienced the exact same 'lens flare'. That peculiar image was no accident and it told us that the Muslim Brotherhood was rising. The threat of Islam and their wretched jihad has taken over all of our lives. It has created enormous fear amongst believers and non believers alike. The 'pale' horseman has been launched - to all intents and purposes. Which means, logically, that the other 3 horsemen are on the ride as well.
Link (below) of the news footage of the pale horse.
God Bless