Fay (13 Aug 2011)
"Steve Mullin's re Christian Politicians"

Hey John and Doves,
Steve, your post:- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/aug2011/stevem812.htm  A very good point indeed. Who knows what goes on in another person's heart! If Bible believing Christians just kicked back, awaiting the Rapture - evil would run rampant. I am guessing that we're all expected to use our gifts, fully......until......!  It's very difficult and I have to pray very hard about it. We have no right to judge anyone as 'not really a Bible believing Christian' by the way they deal with our current reality. That's our LORD'S territory. Can you imagine Sarah Palin (for example) making it as far as the elections whilst preaching the Rapture??? Methinks, NOT. Not a chance. Plus - we have no guarantee that the Rapture is going to take place as soon as we're all praying and hoping for. It could (please God, NOT) be delayed for another couple of years. I would not be a politician for all the tea in China, BUT........someone's got to do it.
My only bench mark to judge others by, is the nation of Israel - God's Beloved Wife and the Jewish people. If they curse Israel and the Jewish people, then they are NO Christian. Finished. There is no doubt left in my mind. Scripture is VERY clear about it. Sarah Palin is Israel sympathetic - seemingly, without any hidden agenda. I am suspicious of Glenn Beck only because of his Mormon faith - otherwise, I am thrilled at his outreach to Israel. It's a tough one.
It's all in our LORD'S hands, Steve. Praise His Holy Name - because it's very difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff nowadays.
God Bless
In Jesus' Beloved Name