Erick (4 Aug 2011)
"ELENIN on Swiss Currency"

Dear Doves,
I know that there is so much out there regarding ELENIN but I have just felt for several days that this information was too good to not share. I apologize if this has already been shared, but I have not seen it on 5 Doves yet if it has already been.
There are some who would have us to believe that ELENIN is a non-issue. Why all the fuss? However, we must ask ourselves first what God is saying to the world and the church through this wonder. Second,  what level of importance do the Elitists give to ELENIN?  NASA is revealing very little if anything. But, NASA is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Do you remember in the recent past when different stages of the 911 events were encoded on US currency? Who put that there?  The answer:  the Elitists who were communicating amongst themselves regarding their plans that they fulfilled on 911.
Now, once again, the Elitists have been communicating amongst themselves right out in the open using a leading global currency: Swiss currency . Arguably, Swiss currency is the elite currency of the world. Switzerland is where the world's most powerful and wealthiest countries and citizens bank both openly or in secret.  Putting a message on Swiss currency would be the ultimate place to hide a warning to the Elite, reaching them wherever they are all over the world.
Go here to see Swiss currency photos with explanations of the ELENIN Warning date of 9/26/2011:
 (Fair use for education and discussion purposes only)
Just to refresh our minds, who are the Elite? They are the wicked followers of Satan hiding in the shadows as leaders of various global businesses, media, governments, and key positions of global power acting with one mind and having only one goal: a New World Order out of Chaos that enslaves the world, murders 2/3's of the earth's population, and plots the murder of all Jews and Christians.
So ask yourself, if ELENIN really is just a non-event, why are the Elitists going to such length to hide the information from the common person? Why are they busy building underground bunkers all over the world to hide in? Why is NASA involved in either a disinformation campaign, or a silence campaign? Why is the US Government massively moving military equipment, repositioning troops at home, and on and on? Conspiracy?  If the shoe fits….then yes, conspiracy.  Information is power as the saying goes. And the Elitists will withhold all information that is of any consequence because it will give away their advantage to carry out their Luciferian goals undetected while the rest of us are caught up in the cares of this world (jobs, bills, sports, entertainment, food, luxuries,etc), too busy to notice anything is amiss.
Instead, let us Finish Well as Bob Glenn posted here 8/3/2011(I love this, Bob. Thanks):
This September – November promises to be prophetically earth changing. We all feel it, and so do they. They, the Elitists, are preparing. Preparing to impose the NWO out of the chaos that is coming.
We  as Watchmen should be preparing too, if we are not. But I know that we are. Because I truly believe (imho) that THIS is THE TIME, (sometime beginning in Sept-Nov, 2011) of the beginning of the 7 years of the Tribulation. The time when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will appear suddenly for His precious Bride and take us home to be forever with Him.
The signs are all there.  The nations are raging for imposed peace (Israel / Palistinians) and safety (giving away freedoms because of global terrorism), global apostasy, global financial meltdown to usher in the Mark, famines, earthquakes, the seas raging, nations perplexed (no one knows what to do to stop the world heading toward Armageddon at breakneck speed) nation rising against nation, and signs in the heavens (sun, moon, constellations, comets, brown dwarf stars, etc), knowledge increasing due to computers (knowledge doubling every 2 years now approximately), people going from here to there ( modern transportation covering large distances rapidly).
All the above signs have been increasing in frequency and intensity. However, THEY WILL ALL BE HAPPENING SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH AN INTENSITY THAT (to me) APPEARS TO BE OF IMPENDING DIVINE JUDGEMENT unlike any other time or event  we have yet experienced (IMHO), and all occurring during key major feast days in  SEPT-NOV.
Consider this from Steve Edel posted on 5 Dove 8/3/11:  (Thank you Steve)
  The following is a post from LISALEENIE on the RITA website: (thanks Lisaleenie)
1.        If  the Second Coming of Christ will take place on Yom Kippur in 2018 (September 19, 2018) and count back 2550 days (which includes the 1,260 days to the middle of the tribulation and the last 1,290 days that is mentioned in Daniel 12:11 after the Abomination of Desolation),  you come up with the date of September 26th, 2011!!  Not only is that date within the 63rd anniversary of Israel becoming a nation, but it is the first day of the projected 3 days of darkness that Elenin is expected to cause!!
Now just picture this:  First the rapture, then the 3 days of darkness immediately afterwards, then meteors falling on earth as the tribulation begins.  Then Rosh Hashana begins 3 days later. Wouldn't that be something?
I read on another site, but could not relocate it, ELE = Elevin  NIN= Nine. Or to put it another way:  11-9
Two meanings, the 1st I have seen here on 5 Doves and elsewhere: 911, or, Sept 9 2011:  the date ELENIN is closest to our Sun.
The second, 11-9 = Nov 9th, 2011 the day the Earth 1st encounters the debris field of ELENIN.
We have watched for so long. We have fought the good fight. We have run the race. We will continue to do so until we are with our eternal reward: Jesus!
I can't wait to see Him face to face, fall at His feet, and worship Him. And I can't wait to meet you all too!
Let's hope our departure is so very soon this year.  Every piece of the puzzle is together this  SEPT-NOV 2011.  Can there be any clearer sign of the season? We shall soon see in the few days ahead.
All is in God's Hands. Nothing is out of His control. PTL!  We are forever safe in Him.
Watching Expectantly,