Elliot Hong (1 Aug 2011)
"Things to happen in order?"

Dear Doves:
My co-worker emailed me today saying that someone he knows received a message from the Lord
about things to happen in order very soon.
A great earthquake
War between Israel and Iran
Korean War
There is no way to know it's truly from the Lord, but it seems to fit with the coming Jewish dates of 
Av 1, Av 9 and Av 15 which are all connected in my opinion.
Here is my speculation.
1) Previously, I made a connection between the three Solar Eclipses on Av 1 and Luke 13:6-9.
    If this assumption is right, the coming Av 1 is the last day of an extended 1 year, and a Judgment
    (a great earthquake in the States?) could come anytime after Av 1.
2) It's very possible that Iran tries to take an advantage of chaotic situation in the States and to attack
    Israel on Tisha B'Av, the sorrowful day of Israel, when most Israelis fast. Remember the Yom Kippur
    War in 1973?  Most Israelis were fasting on that day. The same pattern could be repeated on Tisha
    B'Av, but this time Israel could be ready for it and strikes first.
3) I'm very much convinced by the passionate persuation of Bruce Baber(Five Doves) claiming that
    Tu B'Av is a parallel of the Rapture.
4) The North Korea and Iran are very close, and it's very likely that the war breaks out in the Korean
    peninsula when Iran is involved in the war.
If this speculation is right, the coming Rosh Hashanah could be the beginning of the Tribulation.
See you soon,