Don Best (3 Aug 2011)
"RE: Jana "Another amazing confirmation""

Jana I love your "Heron" story.... God did come thru and show you a heron.... even tho' it was on a license plate...  Doesn't this story
just give you confidence that you are hearing "his voice".  That should give you a smile in your heart and a re-assurance of
His love for you.

I have a "secular" story.. (no spiritual application that I know of)

I am a professional photographer and I take my camera with me everywhere I go... it's always in my vehicle and very close by
in-case I happen to see something to photograph...

I would tell people I carry my camera everywhere... just in case.....  I would joke and say.... "Just in case I see Bigfoot" when I'm
out driving here in the Pacific Northwest.  I've mentioned this, as a joke, just for fun.  Well............

On a trip from the Oregon Coast to Portland one has to travel thru the "coast range" to get there... and there is always deer or elk
in the area along with other animals....   I come around a corner and I see an RV parked alongside the road... on the front of it was
in big letters the name.... "BIGFOOT"..... I laughed out loud.... God did show me Bigfoot.... and no I didn't take a picture of it... ha ha

Yes, God has a sense of humor..... he loves to laugh too.

Thanks for sharing your story.... It makes us all aware of His confirmations and His expectations to us everyday.  He loves to
communicate with us all the time if we would just expect Him to.