Diane Gilbert (9 Aug 2011)


Hello, Doves!  This was sent to me by a member of another discussion group.  It is a very in-depth astronomical explanation of ELENIN and NIBIRU.  According to the data presented here, these are TWO SEPARATE CELESTIAL BODIES.  Elenin, which is now closing in on the earth, and will be aligned between the earth and sun on September 26, is on the leading edge of the magnetic field of Nibiru.   Nibiru is behind Elenin, on the same orbital path, by a distance of about 8.0 AU (1 AU = distance from earth to sun, about 93 million miles).  Nibiru is HUGE, about 4 times the size of Jupiter.  Nibiru’s magnetic strength is 41.3 times Jupiter’s, and 1,000 times stronger than Saturn’s.  The sun’s magnetic strength is 6 times that of  Nibiru.  I have yet to finish reading through this thoroughly; it is a 92-page document, and it is fascinating, worth taking the time to read it.



http://www.adamite.com/?page_id=2055   [Caution:  Here and there on this site is a crude word or two that I can’t edit out.]


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, Nibiru and the tilting of Saturn – very in-depth
I’m not going to even try to re-word this or take the author’s hard work away, I’m simply going to tell you to read this all, let it sink in and if you’re open enough – you’ll realize half of this has already happened and this explains everything going on within our Solar System.

Check it out, it’s one of the most in-depth explanations on Elenin/Nibiru I’ve ever seen.”


Diane Gilbert