Diane Gilbert (3 Aug 2011)
"I have been BANNED!"

I am unable to get into the website for www.GodlikeProductions.com
<http://www.GodlikeProductions.com>.They specifically named my ISP
address.They say this is because of ABUSES on their web page.I have
never posted anything there, I did not even know there was a place to
put up a post.I filled out their form, disputing this and requesting
to be "unbanned", and my request was DENIED because of "abuses".

All I have ever done is watch some of their videos.

Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty?

I am afraid Big Brother is watching over my shoulder and reading my mail.

Diane Gilbert
Hi Diane,
Is it possible to find out from the website admin what happened?

Hi, John,

I was able to email the website to appeal this ban, and I got back a
response: DENIED.

I asked a neighbor to see if she could access that site.  She's never been
on it before.  She was banned because of "abuses", same thing as what I was
told.  So this has got to be some kind of technical glitch, I don't know.  I
saw on their web page (where it said I was banned) that there were over 2
million hits in one day, so they've got a lot of people coming and going.

Thanks for writing, John.

Diane Gilbert