Diana (29 Aug 2011)
"Does anyone else feel extremely under attack??"

HI Doves
Is it just me or does anyone else feel extremely under attack these days.  It seems like the more I strive for a closer relationship with the Lord, the more things happen.  We are having a problem with our pastor in our church.  He is trying to control everything.  My sister is trying to pick me apart and I wasn't even aware I was doing anything.  And my HUSBAND, well somedays I think he is being posessed by satin.  There seems to be so much tormoil going on in my life.  When one thing dies down another thing comes up.  Each morning before I get out of bed I put on the whole armor of God.  I think satan is doing this so I can't focus on the soon comming of Jesus.  The more he is distracting me, the more unworthy I feel.
I was just wondering if this is happening to anyone else more than usual??