Diana (29 Aug 2011)
"To those that responded about Pat Robertson"

Thank you to those that responded about Pat Robertson.  I agree and also believe that the rapture will happen "BEFORE" the tribulation.  I also agree that it doesn't really matter which one we believe in because if we are saved we will still go.  Although, like Jim said it robs us of our blessed hope.  And like Judy said Luke 21:36......pray to be able to escape all things.  And Rev. 3:10.......I will keep you from the hour of trial.  It is right there in our Bible!!  How can you read those verses and not believe that we will go "before".  If we were left here without the Holy Spirit we would be ripped to shreds by satin!!!  And if that were true, the bridegroom would have no bride!  It does amaze me though, because I believe Pat is a very intelligent man.
Thank you all......see you in heaven (hopefully soon)