Diana (25 Aug 2011)
"Please pray for all the people in path of hurricane"

Hi Doves
I would like to ask all of you to pray about the hurricane that is headed for the Northeast.  I live in Pa and we are also going to have strong winds from it.  This is what the meterologists are saying about it.  They said that it is not everyday that you see a hurricane come pointed into the Northeast.  Also, going back to 1851 there have only been 5 hurricanes whose centers of circulation have passed within 75 mi. of New York city.  The last hurricane within that distance from New York was 26 yrs ago.
Doesn't this all look strange. Two days ago we had a 5.9 earthquake.  They showed pictures of the White House shaking.  Now we have this potential catagory 3 hurricane which will also be hitting the White House.  I am sure we all agree that this is the Lords fury about Obama turning his back on Israel since it is involving Washington both times.  They said it will effect millions of people.  Many may loose their lives and many WILL loose everything!!!
PLEASE....PLEASE....pray.  There any many people in these areas that love the Lord.  I have lived in this area of Pa for 27 yrs. and have never been through anything like this.  I will admit I am VERY afraid.  I am praying the blood of Jesus over our home and the homes of my family in this area.  Does anyone remember the old hymn "Under his wings"?  Well, that is where I want to be especially this week-end.
Unfortunately we will all have to suffer something because of Obama.  They are also very concerned whats going to happen in New England.  Please ask the Lord to push the hurricane away from the coast line and tame it down to a lower catagory.  Thank you all very much!!!!!