Diana (17 Aug 2011)
"For Charles:  I stand alone"

HI Charles,
I understand everything you are saying. I know exactly how you feel. The same goes in my family.  I finally stopped saying ANYTHING to them.  I have given it to the Lord.  I just pray constantly for them.  I pray that something big may happen BEFORE the rapture that might bring them finally to their knees and cry out to the Lord.  You have done your job.  You have been warning them.  Now we have to step aside and let the Lord take it from here.  I know that is hard because they are our family, we love them, and want them to go with us to heaven.  I would like to take each one in my family and just SHAKE THEM AND SAY "WAKE UP......JESUS IS COMMING".  I sometimes think the more we tell them, the more they turn us off.  Just give it to the Lord Charles, and just keep praying.  The Lord can bring them to him ONLY if they let him in.