Diana (12 Aug 2011)
"For Susan B."

Hi Susan
Thank you for sharing about your father also.  Wasn't it wonderful to have been blessed with such a Godly father.  I am still thanking the Lord for that.  If it would not have been for our fathers, who knows what our lives would be like now.  Because of their faithfullness to the Lord you and I will spend eternity with Jesus AND our fathers.  Someone once asked me "what is the thing you are most thankful for in your life".  My answer to that was "the person who led my dad to the Lord".
Four years ago, for fathers day, I wrote a tribute to my dad.  I wanted him to read it while he was living.  He asked me to read it at his funeral, when that day came.  While, that day came, and I didn't know how I could possibly read it out loud at his funeral because everytime I would read it to myself I would cry.  I kept praying, asking the Lord to give me courage.  As I was walking to the front of the church I said "okay Lord, I need that courage to kick in NOW!   Guess what!!  the Lord was faithful.  I was able to read it without a tear, even though I have tears now.  We serve such an awsome God don't we??  Just knowing how AWSOME he is brings tears.  To know that he cares about you and me and everyone else who seeks him.  It is so hard to even comprehend what he has in store for his bride.
You said that your family tells you that you have a "death wish" but you prefer to think of it as "life wish".  That is so true.  For many years I thought there was something wrong with me.  I kept wanting to leave this earth, but anyone else I asked (even christian friends) did not feel the same as I did.  Now after listening to all of the doves, I now know there is nothing wrong with me, but there is something wrong with THEM!!!
Thank you again for sharing about your precious father.  We will be seeing them soon!!  We are just so exited!!!!!!