Diana (12 Aug 2011)
"For Christina"

Hi Christina
I know what you mean about your family living for the world.  I have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  They don't care. Like you said we can only keep praying, praying and more praying.  There are times when I am praying about them being left behind, I actually feel physical pain in my heart!!  I feel like my heart is being ripped out of me, the pain is so great.  I ask the Lord, that if they are left behind, to please help them get through the tribulation.
I have gone one step further.  I have stocked up ALOT of food and other items they will be needing.  I wrote a 10 page letter telling them what has happend and what is going to happen.  I also left videos and dvd's for them to watch.  As I go around the house preparing all of this I feel like I am getting ready to leave on a trip, never to return again.  Then I start crying all over again for them.  When I have tears of happiness for MYSELF, they quickly turn to tears of sorrow for them.  We all have to get ourselves to heaven.  Someone else can't do it for us.  ONLY JESUS!!
I have been praying for Texas to get some rain.  I am from Pennslvania.  We got rain this week and I quickly prayed the Lord would send some to you.  Take care and thank you for your response.