Diana (10 Aug 2011)
"To: Linda L. Re: the loneliness of the christian"

Thank you so much for that beautiful excerpt.  It is so true!  I feel very lonely.  My precious father was the one who I shared all of this with.  Him and I knew exactly what we wanted.  When he came to visit we would just sit and talk about the Lord.  He went to be with the Lord last Oct.  He was 90 yrs. old.  I keep looking up to heaven and saying "dad I am comming to be with you soon, hold on!!"  The Lord was gracious enough to send a new friend to me that feels the same way all of us do.  He is the one that fills the empty spot that was my fathers.  He is also the ONLY one that wants to talk about the Lord.  Just NO ONE  cares!!!    NO ONE!!  Not even my husband.  That is why I enjoy this website so much.  We all have the same longing to be with the Lord.  None of this "stuff'" matters anymore.  I don't know how anyone else feels but I just go through the routine of line.  My soul longs to be with the Heavenly Father.  Thank you John for all your hard work and caring enough to let us all be able to talk to others that feel the same way.  One day we will all meet!!